Why is skincare important?

A castle is protected by its high walls so that the enemy or the unknown won’t be able to get inside and conquer. It is just the same as our body. Our skin is the castle which protects the immune system and all the other organs inside. Our pores on the skin are the gateway to internal organs. Pores are where our body breathes, ejaculates the extra material that it does not need anymore. We sweat through our pores, so the body can be balanced in many other ways. But what does happen to our skin when it confronts the sweat or all the other things such as air pollution, oily foods, stress and etc. ?

Here comes the acne, wen and many other skin problems that we don’t want to see in the mirror. It is a fact that clear skin and smooth face makes us all happy. The saying ”don’t judge a book by its cover” is true but it is also true that the appearance affects the thoughts about you. If we want healthy skin and good appearance, we need to let our skin breathe by skincare. This is a very deep area of skincare products, marketings, and cosmetics. It is not necessary to use the most expensive products to keep your skin healthy and glowy but being steady with your skincare routine is a must.

As from the moment we come to this world, we began to age and this is the most normal and beautiful thing that could happen. As we age, it is in our hands to age beautifully. Genes and genetics are important too, but with skincare, it is possible to keep your skin healthy.
So many people complain about not having time to do skincare but it should be known that one day you may wake up and see your tired reflection in the mirror and regret about the days when you did not just treat your skin for 10 minutes in a day. We all watch tv or listen to music to relax our souls after a long workday. Taking your phone with you to the bathroom while watching a video and watch it while you are cleaning your skin might save you from a lot of regression in the future.

Cleaning and taking good care of your skin let your body breathe, covered with all the dirty air, sweat and smoke. As it has been written on the upper side you do not necessarily use the expensive products. You can even use eatable things such as honey as a moisturizer or many other products.
There are many skincare routines that famous people advise on the internet but the worlds largest skin care sector is handled by Korean beauty products. The term glass skin is deriving from their poreless and glowy faces. Who does not want a perfect skin without any pimples, as pure as water? So the Korean beauty professions advice to gently clean our faces with a suitable cleanser for our skin type. But it should be known that only cleaning is not enough but also we need to wipe our skin with a tonic. So that the open pores could be refreshed before moisturizing it. The last step which is moisturizing is extremely important due to the fact that our skin gets wrinkly when it is dehydrated. Choosing the right products for your skin might take a little time but after that, you can enjoy watching your skin glowing in the mirror.

Here is a little recipe for the beginners; after a healthy breakfast treat yourself with a Turkish coffee. The coffee grounds left over the glass would be one of the best masks you can make at home. They are the perfect peeling particles to scrub your face with. Turkish coffee gently cleanses your face without harming it. When you are done with coffee grounds gently wash your face and moisturize it. There you already have done something good for yourself.
Keeping your skin good is keeping your body healthy. Don’t let the walls of your body to be conquered by the dirty things from outside. Keep it healthy, keep it glowy.

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