Vintage for women in hijab

Technology provides convenience to our developing world every day. It is inevitable for us to get used to fast production and consumption in every area because it’s easy to achieve. This convenience affects the fashion and reflects modern and minimal comfort to the consumer on specific styles. Even though we live in the modern world, we always yearn for the past and we present the past with today’s fabrics in the fashion field. People are attracted more and more by the old-fashioned styles of the past just like a vintage style that was on the agenda in the 19th century. With this style of clothing, we want to experience nostalgia today and feel the past. Unfortunately, vintage style clothes are very difficult to find for women with hijabs. For this, I would like to talk about an Instagram page with online shopping: @retrodesen. On this page, You can find beautiful veil combination with nostalgic records of the 19th century. Prepare your turntables, enjoy nostalgia!

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