Define Your Eyes with Eyeliner

How do we fall for love? How do we understand that someone is mad? How do we know that a person is safe, crazy, wild or unforgettable? How do we contact someone else soul? How do we pick up the words without speaking? How do we read the sentences of another body made up of flesh and bone?
It’s the eyes where we find each other and where we lost one another. It’s the eyes where we read, smile and cry. This world has been a host to millions of different kind of eyes. Eyes that made people smile, eyes that disappointed millions of peoples, eyes that have loved, hated, surprised and closed in the end.

They say eyes are the door to souls. They are the mirror of the hearts. They reflect what we hide inside. Of all the organs in the face, surely eyes are the most attractive parts. Since ancient times, a woman has known the hidden beauty inside their eyes. When they looked at the mirror they knew the power of their eyes. The beauty symbol in the ancient times Kleopatra had her eyes controlling the kings, bringing them down to knees by the power of her eyes coming through her soul.

Image of Kleopatra has always been with a strong eyeliner. Her eyes were elegantly shaped with black color. Magnificient power of her eyes had been marked with a little help from makeup. Since then women have created many styles with eyeliner. Another iconic eyeliner style belonged to Amy Winehouse, she had those dramatic eyes makeup, a winged and thick eyeliner. Nowadays many makeup artists call that eyeliner style as Amy’s eyeliner style. It reflected her wild but sensitive soul, which found life in her own songs.

Marilyn Monroe as a beauty icon had her style of eyeliner too, her eyeliner style was not as winged and thick as Amy’s but she still had that 90’s baby vibes. She was absolutely stunning with her blue eyes lined with a black pen around. But it is not as easy as it seems to apply eyeliner. There are many ways and styles to define the beauty of eyes. Cat-eye style is one of the most famous eyeliner styles, but for those who like simplicity with makeup, they can use a thin eyeliner style.

There are some tricks to apply eyeliner. For the beginners, it is important to recognize the shape of your eyes. Is it almond style or is it chinky? Are your eyelids looking sleepy or is it a large area? These are important characteristics when you are applying an eye makeup. To begin with, you should begin with the ending corner of your eye. When you measure the length of the liner, it is up to you to choose the thickness. After you are done with the tail of the liner, you can work with the beginning of your eye. If your eyes are small shaped, you may not want to start from the very beginning of your eyes but in the middle. If you have an almond-shaped eye than you can start your eyeliner from the beginning and thicken it at the end.

If you are a brave one, there are colorful and neon eyeliners where you can, even more, highlight the look in your eyes. They are colorful but perfectly linear and minimal. This style is not usually used in the streets but it is normal to see this kind of applied eyeliner style in the fashion weeks. Bold and brave colorful eyeliners are a new definition of talking without any sounds.

There is one important point while applying your eyeliner, which does not pull your eyelids too strong while trying to draw a good line in the end. Otherwise, this may cause wrinkles around your eyes.
You are beautiful with or without makeup, but there is no doubt that eyeliner defines the power of your eyes.

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