An interview with Dilara Kırmıt chosen as a best blogger of 2018 by FashionTv

How old are you interested in fashion and how did it start? How did you start by writing fashion?

Being a woman is something that cannot be explained alone. They can hide her repressed pain while keeping freedom in them. Sometimes there is silent happiness between tears. It’s a vortex of emotions! It cannot be simplified, nor does it give the heart to silence words. They have superpowers that we can’t see. They show the ability to do several jobs at the same time. They are both the mother and the most talented of her career. There is no time planning for them, new ones are always added to the plans and the placement lists are always full. They are well-groomed, they have their own beauty. They are not toppled in chaos.

How old were you when you start to be interested in fashion and how did you decide to become a fashion writer?

– Actually, I’ve never been interested in fashion, it’s funny, but that’s the truth. This was a process that developed with coincidences. At the age of 16, I started to work as a fashion writer and the place I worked in was a very small newspaper company in Istanbul. One of my friend who is a photographer is a graphic designer. I’ve been writing for all my life as long as I remember. He said “Would you like to write a column in the newspaper?” and I said “yes”. But I didn’t know what to write, so I thought it’d be a good time to spend time. I never thought that I would be the author of many local and national media, even abroad, and I would get an award. I was the most unsuccessful student in my high school life except drawing. Initially, I had no hope for success. I can say that it was a very big surprise to all my teachers, my friends, and even my family.

How do you interpret your own style?

– It will be a very strange sentence: I follow fashion very closely as It’s my profession, but I do not apply every fashion. I like to dress for my mood. When I wake up that day, I make combinations in which mode I fit in. I’m not avant-garde, I like change. But I usually try to blend my style into simple and elegant. During the day I can meet different Dilara in a different style.

Do you have a routine skincare and mask?

– To be honest, I don’t have a special mask. I’m just taking care of my cleansing. I have never had a very problematic skin structure. I only use the mask types and daily peelings that private brands produce. Because of my modeling life, I started to pay more attention to my skin after the make-up during the shooting process. I take care not to sleep without wiping my makeup and every night I clean my skin and eyelashes with rose water.

Who is your favorite and inspired fashion icon?

– I don’t have a specific icon, but I like Serenay Sarıkaya, the famous actor. Her style is very close to me and she loves change also.

What do you think about the phenomenon of people who are making fashion reviews in Turkey? Who do you think is the best in Turkey?

– Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody did what they knew? But every self-discoverer – to be more accurate – who thinks she or he has discovered, after two combinations and thousands of likes on Instagram become a blogger, fashion designer, fashion commentator. If she is beautiful, she thinks she is a model, etc. As the flatterings of real-life and social media seem aesthetics to people, they do what their profession is not. I don’t support this, and that’s why I don’t have a good fashion commentator.

What are the awards you have received so far and what is your current work?

– In 2018, I was chosen as the best blogger of the year by FashionTV. It was a very special title for me and my career which progressed so quickly that I couldn’t even prevent it. Sometimes I asked myself “Can I really do this?” and even there would be days which I thought “I will leave this sector, I will live a natural life. I will continue with another profession.”  But I am sincerely saying that my profession did not leave me and told me that I should not leave it. I’m at a great turning point in my career right now. It’s not just my pen. I’m slowly entering the television industry with modeling and acting. I have great projects. 2020 is my year again.

It’s very obvious that you love what you do look at your career and rising. So is Dilara Kırmıt a businesswoman or a loving woman in her own world?

– Both actually… But my businesswoman side is more dominant, I can’t stop working. If you ask me if I can do it without love, I will, but I can’t hug my career and sleep. I think I’m a very emotional and deep person. I look at life and people from a very different window… But I must come across a person whom I can pursue my career and love together. Otherwise, I’m not able to hold two together.

How did you get into the world of modeling? Was it a childhood dream of yours involved in fashion and the catwalk or was there something else on your target?

– It was so random and independent of me that even I am surprised. I have never planned anything in my life. I had many goals, but I never had modeling and fashion. Well, nothing else happened also. I was a writer, but I never thought I’d find myself in this area. My childhood dream was to be a theater actor, to be on a stage. Then becoming a psychologist. I completed my theater education, I took my stage but I did not become a psychologist. I didn’t try hard enough for that. This is the only thing I regret.

Is there anything you would like to say to Elcheé readers lastly?

– I think you are a very special and beautiful fashion platform… You are a special internet platform that can be a platform that the fashion world will want to reach soon. I also enjoyed this interview, and It is proud to be awarded as a guest. I give great importance and support to every media field that has sincerity and tries to bring something to people whether it is big or small. I hope I will bring you good luck. Thanks for everything Elcheé.

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